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ENTRE MONT Pizza Montagnarde Bacon & Cheese - Raclette Cheese, Bacon and Potatoes


ENTRE MONT Montagnarde pizza proudly introduces you the traditional taste of European-style pizza! This lovely choice features bacon and cheese toppings, known as the all-time greatest combinations. Guaranteed you the premium taste with the top-grade ingredients such as raclette cheese, bacon, and crème fraîche which all produced and originated in France. Unlike any other, its dough is specially made from wholemeal or whole wheat which gives off finest thin crust; full of fresh and homemade flavour. Homemade food at its finest! Easy to bake; simply take it out of the freezer and bake it for 14 minutes till it is ready to serve. 

Best Way to Cook: Remove it from the freezer and bake it for 14 minutes at 180 °C 

Recommended Menu: Pizza 

How to Store: Store at -18°c , once defrosted. Do not refreezing.