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Q:       How can I contact Food Guru staff?

A:       Tel. 098 467 8888 (Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

            Line Official: @foodguru



Q:       How to track my order status?

A:       You can track order status here (Click) or by going to the menu “Account > Your orders”


Q:       What to do if I want to return/refund my order?

A:       Please find more information about our Return Policy here (Click)


Q:       What is the refund condition?

A:       Refund procedure will begin only if the requested item follows Food Guru’s Return / Refund Policy or in case the item requested for a return is out of stock. We will refund the amount to the customer’s bank account within 15 business days.


Q:       How to change my shipping address after receiving the confirmation E-mail?

A:       If you would like to change your shipping address after getting the confirmation E-mail, please contact our staff within the received date at or Tel. 098 467 8888


Q:       What is Meltique beef?

A:       Meltique beef is Japan-standard processed meat produced and selected from farms in Australia. It is perfect for those looking for tender meat that melts in the mouth with juicy deliciousness from the fat. Enjoy the variation of each part: Tenderloin, Sirloin, and Rib-eye.


Q:       The difference between Nambu Gyu and Nambu Wagyu?

A:       Nambu Gyu from Iwate, Japan, is recommended for meat lovers who prefer tender meat with less fat. Tasting extraordinary when fried or cooked as BBQ, Yakiniku, Sukiyaki, and Shabu-shabu. While Nambu Wagyu ­contains a balance of meat and fat with tenderness, juiciness, and sweetness of Umami flavor from the fat, offering the aromatic sense when cooked, also high in protein and low in fat which is recommended if you love this perfect balance.


Q:       Is there any promotion?

A:       Please stay tuned for upcoming promotions on our website, Facebook page, Line@, and Instagram.


Q:       Does Food Guru have a storefront?

A:       We have no storefront yet.


Q:       Does Food Guru accept cash on delivery (COD)?

A:       We still have not provided the cash-on-delivery (COD) service at the moment.


Q:       Is there a minimum amount/spending to order?

A:       There is no minimum amount/spending in order to order from Food Guru. You can order an item at any price. However, the price does not include the shipping fee.


Q:       How are frozen products going to be shipped?

A:       For Bangkok areas, your order will be packed in a high-quality plastic bag and shipped by Skootar or Lalamove, using temperature control transportation.

            For other areas, items will be shipped by Inter Express, packed in a foam box with dry ice.


Q:       How are dry products going to be shipped?

A:       Dry products will be wrapped in air bubble wrap, packed in a parcel box, and shipped by Flash Express.


Q:       How to pay for my order?

A:       There are 2 payment options available: via bank account or Ksher E-Payment. Please find more information in the menu How to Order or (Click)


Q:       Food Guru Product list?

A:       You can check out all of our products in the menu E-Catalog or (Click)